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Oprettet af Kim Pedersen den 18-02-2016
BMW Festival – The Next 100 Years
BMW Festival – The Next 100 Years afholdes på Olympic Park i München d. 9-11 september.
Hvis nogle af klubbens medlemmer kunne tænke sig at deltage på dette års store BMW event, bedes i venligst sende en mail til
Klubben skal sende en ansøgning ind med hvor mange medlemmer som ønsker at deltage senest, d. 8. marts for at vi kan komme i betragtning til en plads på selve det Olympiske stadion.
Program for selve arrangementet vil følge på et senere tidspunkt.

Kim Pedersen
Besvaret af Kim Pedersen den 14-03-2016
Her er de sidste info fra BMW ang. BMW festival i München 9-11 september 2016.
Draft Programme / attractions
Friday Sept 9th from 12 noon onwards will be the official opening of the Festival.
There will be a BMW Club Beer garden with space for 500 people at any one time
The event will be attended by “BMW Allstars” eg people who are famous / special within BMW eg racing riders / drivers would be interviewed.
There will be roving film crews and photographers who will interview and film people attending the event, eg are they member of BMW Clubs, where do they come from, how they got to Munich, what BMW’s do they own.
There will be entertainment and shows within the Olympic Arena which will be both in English & German. There will be another 4 stages scattered around the park with shows (still to be confirmed).
On Friday night there will be a 400 people dinner / meeting at BMW Classic for special attendees.
There will be displays of BMW cars & motorcycles
BMW will have a merchandising stand with event regalia / badges etc.
BMW Classic would be attending the event with their vehicle archive and visitors would be able to research their own vehicles. Demand for this service is likely to be very high.
BMW Logos from around the World.
BMW Festival Show on the Saturday evening in the Olympic Stadium about BMW’s heritage. All Club members displaying their vehicle would have an invitation to this event with their registration. Extra tickets will be available at a likely cost of 59 euros per ticket. The total number of tickets available was not confirmed
BMW would be organising a Guided tour of the new BMW Classic Building for Club members – numbers are very limited and places could not be reserved.
BMW would be running a supporting programme including possible Club vehicle tours around Munich’s most beautiful routes. There was also discussion of a BMW vehicle ride / drive through this city.

Hvis der stadig er medlemmer som kunne tænke sig at deltage, kan jeg nok nå at få jer med, men skal senest have dem d.15 marts.

Kim Pedersen

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