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Oprettet af Tommy Larsen den 27-05-2018
Fuld eller del integral bremser
Bmv r 1150 rt 2002 Er der del eller fuld integral bremser ?
Besvaret af Rene' Greve den 28-05-2018
- Fuld, alle 1150RT ... med et twist i 2002 ...

sakset fra det store udenland...

The iABS is a LINKED system. If you put sufficient pressure on the rear brake pedal it will bring in the fronts! Try it and you will see what I mean.

BMW changed the iABS system rear to front bias in early 2002 (IIRC!) as the early system brake pedal was VERY touchy. You will find that on the later systems you have some pedal travel where it just applies rear brake pressure BEFORE it brings in the front circuits.

It also helps to only use the rears in low speed manouevres BUT if you are a little heavy on the rear brake pedal, the fronts will be applied as well and if your front wheel is at an angle you could end up dumping the bike.

- og et andet citat:

The I-ABS controller was changed on the 1150RT around VIN ZE 87455. That also involved using a larger diameter rear master cylinder piston size 14.29mm vs the earlier 13mm size. The M/C size increase was mainly to allow the new revised ABS controller to have enough reserve braking from the rear pedal but that also had the side effect of taming down the rear brake apply a bit. The new ABS controller also has a different calibration that allowed the rear servo to shut down with an idling engine & sitting still as a power saving function.


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